Financial Statement Analysis 2021 (2nd Run)

DCF offered a second run of the Financial Statement Analysis seminar held via Zoom on September 11, 18, 25 and October 2, 2021. It was attended by thirty-five (35) participants.

Prof. Diogenes Dy kicked off Day 1 with an overview of the 4-day seminar. Participant gained an understanding of the common asset and liability accounts in the statement of financial position, using hands-on exercises and exposure to relevant sections of actual financial statements.  

Day 2 started with a summary of the previous session and continued with the equity accounts in the statement of financial position. Participants subsequently delved into the income statement with emphasis on quality of earnings and the statement of cash flows. The session was facilitated by Ms. Pamela Lloren-Alcantara.

Day 3 began with a recap of the financial statements before diving into the heart of the seminar, financial statement analysis. The session was facilitated by Sir Lester Aratea. Participants learned about quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques and applied them in the analysis of a listed Philippine corporation.

Participants applied financial statement analysis techniques to cases of three (3) listed Philippine corporations under the guidance of Dr. Arthur Cayanan on Day 4. The session gave participants an appreciation of financial statement analysis in practice.

The following are feedback from some participants about the seminar:

“It was a good introduction session for the seminar and it talked about all the necessary information to better understand the subject matter.”

“I like the way how Sir Don discussed the topic. Coming from a non-finance background, I find his way easy to understand.”

“Good that we went through the indirect method as it is additional knowledge for everyone.”

“Complicated topics but Ms. Pam was able to explain it well!”

“Learned a lot from the presentation and insights shared by the speaker/organizers and participants.”

“Sir John Lester is a good teacher. He knows he’s topic and can relay himself with ease and clarity to his audience. Thank you.”

“Professor Art is a very good speaker and of course, as expected he is a master of his craft. Thank you very much and hoping to be one of your participants again in your future sessions. Out of the box and very practical inputs are very much appreciated.”

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