Quantitative Workshop for MBA/MS Fin 2021

On October 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 2021, the Development Center for Finance successfully conducted its Quantitative Analysis Workshop for MBA/MS Fin via Zoom.

Topics discussed include:

Oct 11 – Algebra 1

Oct 13 – Algebra 2

Oct 15 – Calculus 1

Oct 18 – Calculus 2

Oct 20 – Calculus 3

Oct 22 – Financial Mathematics

Oct 25 – Statistics 1

Oct 27 – Statistics 2

There were 50 participants and some of the feedback are as follows:

“It was a good time to refresh myself with algebra and calculus. I admit, still challenging, but at least, I have been reintroduced again which I think is the more important thing.”

“The workshop covered a good mix of refresher topics and advanced concepts which were not covered during undergrad.”

“Teacher Raq was able to clearly explain the concepts with examples so I was able to understand them easily. I also like the way she presented the graphs and tables in a creative way. She has sound knowledge of the topics. Thank you so much!”

“The fee was definitely worth it.”

“Sir Don was effective in conveying the fundamental concepts and in highlighting the key areas of Financial Mathematics. The illustrations provided, while simple and straightforward, were excellent in providing context, contrast and depth to the audience.”

“Sir Don explains the logic behind the formulas very well. It only shows that he is very well-versed in Finance, especially on the given topics. Also, I really appreciate on how he answers the questions for he tries to find ways to explain it as plain and simple as possible.”

“Sir Al seems an expert in Statistics. He was able to explain the topics very well and he tried to explain it in the simplest way.”

“I’d like to thank Sir Al for simplifying the lessons on Statistics.”

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