Quantitative Workshop for MBA/MS Fin 2020

On September 28, 30, October 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 2020, the Development Center for Finance successfully conducted its Quantitative Analysis Workshop for MBA/MS Fin via Zoom.

Topics discussed include:

Sep 28 – Algebra 1

Sep 30 – Algebra 2

Oct 2 – Calculus 1

Oct 5 – Calculus 2

Oct 7 – Calculus 3

Oct 9 – Financial Mathematics

Oct 12 – Statistics 1

Oct 14 – Statistics 2

There were 34 participants and some of the feedback are as follows:

“I was able to recall a lot of the essential topics in Algebra and especially in Calculus! It’s difficult to teach math online, and our Teacher was able to use technology effectively despite facing some challenges of not being able to teach in the traditional classroom setting, and adapting to the new norm. Thank you po for your genuine passion to help us review these topics, so much appreciated po.”

“I believe this is a very helpful seminar. It’s been more than a decade since I took these courses. It was a good way to be familiarized with the key concepts again and discussion on its applicability on business was really helpful.”

“Was able to enjoy the class and was able to recall the basics of Fin Math. Good set of exercises, they were just right given the limited time. Thank you, Sir!”

“Eloquent professor! Thanks sir, was able to recall and understand probability better because of you. Two thumbs up!”

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