Financial Planning and Forecasting 2020

The Development Center for Finance successfully conducted its last webinar for 2020. Twenty-one (21) participants completed the three-day Financial Planning and Forecasting Seminar via Zoom, which was conducted on October 3, 10, and 17, 2020.

For Day 1, Dr. Arthur Cayanan laid down the foundation for the rest of the seminar. Dr. Cayanan underscored the importance of understanding the various macroeconomic variables and how they affect financial forecasts, and discussed various tools to conduct company and industry analysis. In addition, Dr. Cayanan also discussed how long-term company strategic plans eventually factor into financial planning and forecasting.

Meanwhile, Day 2 continued with Mr. Mikhael Magana. The session started with a rich discussion of Financial Statement Analysis, which includes vertical, horizontal, and ratio analysis. This session was helpful in succeeding lessons, as a good foundation in FS analysis is an invaluable tool in developing financial forecasts. The afternoon session focused on various forecasting tools, such as financial statement method and cash budgeting. Examples were extensively discussed to illustrate these tools in preparation for the last day of the seminar.

Lastly, Day 3 was handled by Prof. Diogenes Dy. An in-depth discussion of financial forecasting started with the most important projection which is the sales forecast. For this, the participants were guided in making projections for a publicly-listed Philippine food company, including the various tools that may be used in developing reasonable assumptions in making financial forecasts. Other techniques were also discussed in projecting the other components of the financial statements, and at the end of the session, a five-year projected financial model was produced.

Some of the feedback about the seminar were as follows:

“I found Dr. Cayanan’s insights about macroeconomics and strategic planning very helpful. He delivered his topics very well and was able to relate the concepts with the current industry setting.”

“The seminar was helpful in refreshing fs analysis ratios and financial forecasting considerations. Thank you, Sir Mikhael for the lecture!”

“Very helpful forecasting and excel techniques. Promotes an interactive discussion. Very well explained Sir Don!”

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