Financial Statement Analysis 2021

Capitalizing on the success of the online seminars conducted in 2020, the Development Center for Finance kickstarted its online public seminar offerings for 2021 with the conduct of the Financial Statement Analysis webinar series. It was attended by forty-one (41) participants and was held on March 6, 13, 20, and 27 of the year 2021.

Prof. Diogenes Dy facilitated Day 1. Participants were given a roadmap on Financial Statement Analysis. The session was devoted to understanding the asset and liability components of the statement of financial position, which was further reinforced through illustrative examples and discussions of real-life applications.

Day 2 picked up on Day 1’s discussion of understanding the statement of financial position by covering the equity section of the aforementioned financial statement. Sir Kevin Dela Cruz then walked the participants through understanding the income statement with emphasis on quality of earnings and concluding with a discussion on statement of cash flows. Illustrative exercises and corporate highlights were used to demonstrate how the various financial statements are prepared and how they are related to one another.

Financial statement analysis techniques were taught by Sir Lester Aratea on Day 3. Participants prepared common-size financial statements, trend analysis, and ratio analysis based on actual financial statements of subject company. Aside from quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis of financial statements was also covered.

On Day 4, Dr. Arthur Cayanan guided participants through cases on three (3) listed corporations in the Philippines. These emphasized the use of financial statement analysis techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, in understanding financial statements and making inferences from analyses results.

Some of the feedback from the participants about the seminar were as follows:

“Thank you Sir Don for doing an interactive webinar. Giving examples based on current situation gave us better view and understanding. Your patience on answering our inquiries is highly appreciated.”

“Thank you Sir Kev for the very informative day. Got a refresher that we can definitely apply in our current setting most especially the cash flow statement on how to read and do it.”

“I like the format and flow of discussion of Sir Lester. Working on a case study using real life info helped me understand the lesson more.”

“The presentation and discussion of Sir Art was very elaborative that we can grasp easily. Loving how the cases were introduced and scrutinized. We learned a lot on how to read the FS, what we should be looking for, how we can present and find solution. Bitin po ang 4 days! More power po!”

“The reason why I joined the seminar is to refresh my undergrad knowledge regarding financial statements. The seminar did not just give me a review of my undergrad lessons, it also provided me new knowledge and a fresh perspective on analyzing financial statements. 4 days is not enough to explain all the theories and concepts comprehensively but the lecturers were able to give us the essential information that we will be needing on financial statement analysis. Thanks for the 4 sessions. It was fun :)”

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