Financial Planning and Forecasting 2022 (1st Run)

DCF offered its first installment of the Financial Planning and Forecasting seminar for 2022 that was held via Zoom on the 7th, 14th, and 22nd of May 2022. The seminar was attended by sixteen (16) participants.

On the first day, Dr. Arthur Cayanan gave the participants an overview of the financial planning and forecasting process. Participants learned some methods in determining top-level factors such as macroeconomic and industry variables and how to incorporate such variables in forecasting. Using listed Philippine corporations as examples, the various impacts of strategic planning on forecasting was also discussed.

On the second day, participants learned the use of financial statement analysis in drawing forecasting assumptions. Various financial statement analysis techniques such as common-size analysis, trend analysis, and financial ratios were applied to actual financial statements of a listed Philippine corporation. Illustrative examples were also used to discuss additional tools in financial planning and forecasting such as financial statement method and cash budgeting. The session was facilitated by Mr. Kevin Dela Cruz.

Day three (3) provided an avenue for a comprehensive application of all previously discussed theoretical concepts during the past two sessions. Mr. Lester Aratea began with an in-depth discussion of the sales forecast, the most important projection in financial planning. Participants were further equipped with various approaches in developing reasonable assumptions for financial forecasts. The seminar culminated with participants preparing a five-year projected financial model of a listed Philippine corporation.

The following are feedback from some participants about the 3-day seminar:

“Today’s seminar is very informative. Thank you, Dr. Art, for sharing actual cases and key points. I absolutely gained knowledge from the topics that Dr. Art taught earlier. It refreshes my economics & management accounting 101, thumbs up for that :)”

“I gained more knowledge and ideas about the financials. It can help me a lot for future transactions. Thank you, Sir Kevin! Able to point out important factors especially on ratio analysis. Session was more interesting and engaging because of the exercises. It is good that it comes with excel sheet exercises per topic.”

“He’s very good, simple explanation that you can easily follow… good job sir John Lester! Keep it up 🙂 The seminar broadened my knowledge in forecasting.”

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