On August 31, September 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, 2022, the Development Center for Finance successfully conducted its Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Workshop for MBA/MS Fin via Zoom.

Topics discussed include:

Aug 31 – Accounting Principles

Sep 2 – Balance Sheet

Sep 3 – Income Statement

Sep 5 – Exercises

Sep 7 – Cash Flow and FS Analysis

Sep 9 – AR and Inventories

Sep 14 – Property, Plant & Equipment

Sep 16 – Shareholders’ Equity

There were 50 participants and some of the feedback are as follows:

“Excellent choice to have Sir Joe Flo as the prof. Great and very engaging speaker! Learned a lot while having a great time.”

“Workshop was informative, interactive, and fun at the same time. Thank you Sir Joe and DCF! More workshops like this.”

“Lessons were properly paced which gave learners enough time to absorb the material while covering a lot of material. I was able to follow the discussions despite having zero accounting background. Thank you very much for organizing this workshop!”

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