DCF’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY FREE SEMINAR 3: Simple Business Guide with Basic Accounting in the Digital Era

DCF follows through its 30th year anniversary celebration with the last of three free seminars offered to the community this 2022. Ma’am Normita “Noemi” A. Lansang-Villaruz talked about a Simple Business Guide with Basic Accounting in the Digital Era in today’s seminar. She discussed basic elements in opening a business, important qualities of an entrepreneur, characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, ensuring a successful and sustainable business with proper accounting and bookkeeping, basic requirements in opening a business, and basic spreadsheet accounting. An interactive Q&A portion followed after. The feedback are as follows:


“Kudos! Very insightful! Great webinar!”

“The seminar discussed each topic with the participants thoroughly and engagement of participants in the discussion was also encouraged throughout the lecture.”

“Loved how Ms. Noemi simplified the discussion of basic accounting applicable to SMEs. Provided better excel templates that may be used for our small businesses.”


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