The Development Center for Finance (DCF) successfully conducted another run of the Financial Statement Analysis Seminar, the first public seminar for 2023, on March 4, 11, 18, and 25, and was attended by 40 participants from various companies and industries.

In Day 1, Prof. Diogenes Dy opened the seminar and did an expectation setting session with the participants. A roadmap of the four-day FS Analysis seminar was presented and started with the discussion of the different asset and liability components of the statement of financial position or balance sheet. Different examples and real-life financial statements were discussed to illustrate the effects of common asset and liability transactions.

Prof. Pamela Lloren-Alcantara then continued with the equity components of the balance sheet in Day 2, and thoroughly discussed the income statement and the statement of cash flows. Illustrative exercises and examples from local corporations were presented to provide real-world context to the discussion. The preparation of financial statements and how they are related to one another was also demonstrated.

Sir Lester Aratea then took over Day 3 to discuss the different techniques used in financial statement analysis, including ratios related to profitability, efficiency, liquidity, solvency, and cash flows. Qualitative considerations were also discussed, including the various company information that should be carefully considered. A subject company was then presented to apply these different FS analysis techniques.

During the last day of the seminar, Dr. Arthur Cayanan started the session with a review of the discussions in the past three (3) Saturdays, then introduced other FS analysis techniques, including common-size, trend, and break-even analysis. Cases of Philippine-listed companies were then presented and discussed to apply all the learnings during the seminar, taking different perspectives, as lenders, financial analysts, and even as investors.

Some of the feedback from the participants about the 4-day seminar were as follows:

“Speaker and training content is easy to understand and very detailed in every example. Great start! Thank you.”

“Webinar is very interactive and informative especially to someone like me with no background on such topics.”

“I was able to understand the outcome and effectiveness of the strategies set by companies to generate a competitive income. It was an insightful Saturday, indeed.”

“Topics were discussed one at a time which makes the discussion very easy to understand. The whole seminar is very interactive and fun.”

“Presentation of topics were clear and easy to understand for someone like me with no background about accounting.”

“The speaker shared and imparted his knowledge on the subject matter, which proves his extensive work experience and background, which are similar to the other speakers.”

“The cases were discussed properly, thank you! Looking forward to the next seminars.”

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