DCF’s 30th Anniversary Free Seminar 1: The Basics of Investing

DCF officially kicks off its 30th anniversary celebration with the first of three free seminars to be offered to the community this 2022. Dr. Arthur Cayanan talked about the Basics of Investing in today’s seminar (September 29, 2022). He discussed the different factors considered in investing, investment alternatives, risks considered in fixed income investing, and gave a guide to stock market investing. An interactive Q&A portion followed after. The seminar was attended by 60+ participants and the the feedback are as follows:


“Love Sir Art’s insights and stories as always! Looking forward to hear from him in the future.”

“Looking forward for the next session. Congratulations DCF!”

“Learned a lot from this free seminar. The lecturer is very knowledgeable with 33 years of teaching experience. The topics presented were very timely and well-explained. Thank you for inviting me to this nice seminar.”

“Appreciate your time in sharing financial literacy.”

“My sincere thanks for this free seminar. I have learned a lot.”


Follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dcfonline.net so you can be updated with our 2nd and 3rd free seminars to be announced soon. Thank you to everyone who attended 💚

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